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Many patients in fact most, come to the office very anxious to start, very motivated, and want to begin work on their health even before the medical evaluative work-up has been completed. The truth is, the energy and momentum that is built up prior to coming in can be very positive instruments of change, and can be put to good use.


How Can you Both Enhance Therapy and Speed Up Progress?

Testing and Scheduling Hints:

Get your tests and physical done quickly. Turn around time for tests is from 1 to 6 weeks depending on the lab. The quicker all tests are sent out, the quicker the results can be reviewed and implemented. Schedule appointments quickly and keep the appointments you schedule. If possible, if you can make yourself available for cancellations, the front desk will try to move your appointment up to an earlier date. Consider viewing your results in stages. Often there are too many results to review fully in a 50 minute session. It may be worthwhile to discuss results of several tests, begin a partial program, and then review additional test results, as well as initial progress, during a subsequent visit. All changes can not be initiated in a single day anyway.


Health Enhancing Therapies that Can Begin After the Physical Exam and Testing Are Done, but Before All Test Results Are Back:

We may be able to suggest a series of VITAMIN INFUSIONS OR INTRAMUSCULAR INJECTIONS that can be of immense benefit in restoring energy or boosting the immune system. These can be done once or more a week in the office until specific results are available to you.


All of your tests are normal.  Then why do you feel so sick?
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A course of colonic therapy (3 to 6 treatments) is usually a wonderful and refreshing beginning to a wellness program. We can offer referrals to those who are interested. This is an ideal space of several weeks in which to STOP SMOKING. We can go through a program with you during a brief visit, and provide
supportive prescription medication.


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To schedule your appointment, please
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