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 Weight Control Program, including the use of HCG under medical supervision

Weight-Loss-Camps-For-Discipline-2693.jpg Having begun her medical career working with nutritional legend Dr. Robert Atkins of “The Atkins Diet” fame, Dr. Leder has had extensive experience in the field of weight loss.  Atkins pioneering work focused on the use of diet to regulate insulin and reduce insulin resistance.

Since then, Dr. Leder has mastered multiple specialized weight-related protocols involving the thyroid gland, the adrenals, estrogen and testosterone, food sensitivities, blood type and most

recently, leptin and adiponectin and other recent scientific breakthroughs in understanding weight control.

In addition, the doctor has a background in psychology, and has completed coursework in psychotherapy. With her wealth of experience and information, the doctor is able to customize a weight management plan to each patient, based on their circumstances, chemistry, and their individual preferences.

A number of different diet options are available, all based in nutritional science and a track record of success.  In certain protocols, in addition to diet counseling and nutritional supplements, a variety of medications may be used to optimize results, most notably, HCG.  Of the HCG program, many happy patients have said:

“I can’t believe that I was able to stick to a diet and not have any cravings to cheat”

“After years of strict dieting, I didn’t really think anything would work, but I’ve lost 26 pounds so far in 40 days. I’ll take it!”

“I was afraid I would gain it all back if I cheated, but I found that as long as I came right back to the diet, the pound or two I gained went right back off.”

And Dr. Leder is also impressed with results:  “This diet is  absolutely successful when the low carbohydrate approach alone falls short. It is proving to be a real breakthrough solution for my weight-loss resistant patients!!”

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As in all programs at our center, our focus is weight loss programs is on excellent and vibrant health. As such, Dr. Leder does not prescribe so-called “prescription diet pills”, as they lead to short term weight loss, and would not accomplish our goal:  permanent changes in eating patterns and lifestyle modification. 

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