Heavy Metal* Chelation 

*The “Heavy Metals” include Lead, Mercury, Arsenic, Antimony, Cadmium, Gallium, Gadolinium ,and more)

For many years, we have been hearing stories of toxic metals being dumped into our water and buried in our land. Several years ago, a New York Times article stated that 25% of residents in New York City had elevated mercury levels. By the next day, this shocking statistic was forgotten. Many people local to our area are aware that when the Ford plant in the Ramapo Mountain area closed in the 1990’s they left ton upon ton of lead paint underground in the mountains. Over time, it leached out into the ground and it has since intoxicated thousands of Bergen residents. Modest cash settlements were made by Ford, but this lead, and that from other industrial sources, remains in our land, our water, and our bodies.

When metals enter our body, through food or water, they are processed and eliminated via the liver and the kidneys. If, however, the metal is more than the body can process at a given time, it moves into the body tissues, typically the fatty nervous system tissue, and it doesn’t leave by itself. Toxic metals can be detected with a simple inexpensive testing, and eliminated readily using oral and intravenous therapies appropriate to the specific metal. Unfortunately, few physicians provide this critically essential service.

Some of the many symptoms of heavy metal intoxication include:

  • Impaired Memory and Concentration/Brain Fog
  • Impaired Energy
  • Heart Disease
  • Rheumatologic Disorders

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