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Complementary/Alternative Medicine lecture dates being accepted for small groups, associations or meetings


 Dr. Leder is committed to sharing the information needed to empower people to make the choices they need to make to optimize their current and future health. within the local community, via small group speaking engagements on select topics, including open question and answer sessions.  It is her intention that audience members will leave with a much greater awareness of the need to participate proactively in the creation and/or restoration of their own good health and long-term wellness.  They will leave with a new confidence in their own informed intuition regarding their bodies and what is right for them, becoming self-advocates and partners with their doctors.

This journey to the next level of medical consciousness is one that we all need to take if we haven’t already done so.  Dr. Leder is offering two lectures currently. One lecture offers an introduction to the newer medical paradigm, whereby patient and physician function together to create a health program, define goals, share information, and actively seek optimal wellness for the patient.  Together, they may choose to enroll other specialists (medical, spiritual, fitness, etc.), both traditional and non-traditional, to create a strong support team for the patient. At the center of the team is the empowered patient, with the physician serving as advisor and coach, and active listener.


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The lecture, which offers this concept, and explains alternative medicine, is entitled “All of This Medicine Is Making Me Sick: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Alternative Medicine, but Didn’t Know Where to Ask?”  The lecture reviews basic concepts of alternative medicine, as well as many specific protocols for a number of conditions.  It is appropriate for those familiar with medical alternatives as well as novices to the field, and is geared to small to moderate sized audiences.    


Another lecture currently being offered spotlights a therapy called Chelation, which is a detoxification method.  Benefits of Chelation Therapy include reduction of Atherosclerosis, stabilization of Diabetes and Hypertension, treatment of Arthritis and Osteoporosis, and preventing the occurrence of degenerative diseases and Cancer. With all of these potential benefits, Chelation is rarely even mentioned in the conventional medical setting. It is therefore, and ideal example of a therapy that needs to be brought directly into the public eye for informed scrutiny and appraisal.


istock_000002088452xsmall.jpgThe Chelation lecture includes a 30 minute video presentation while the introduction to alternative medicine is on powerpoint.  Audience involvement is encouraged. The doctor can be a very funny lady, but this is a serious talk about a subject affecting all of our lives.  Life expectancy will soon reach well over 100 years, and we all want to live for this extended period of time with a good quality of life, with energy and joy. In doing these lectures, the doctor hopes to give something to the people of North Jersey, who have given her so much in their gifts of trust and listening.





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