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istockphoto_898559-friendly-nurse-holding-chart.jpgHere are some suggestions to help make your first visit a positive and productive one.

It is always a good idea to try to call before you leave home or work to head to our office.

As in any other medical office, emergencies do arise from time to time. When we are able to anticipate a delay in advance, we will try to contact you as well. However, it is always best to call and check ahead.

It is not generally necessary to fast on the day of your first appointment.

We usually tend to draw all of our blood tests on the second visit, after you have had a chance to discuss what tests you will need with the doctor. Occasionally, it may work out better to come in fasting on day one, but there is very little that cannot wait until your second visit.

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Try to come in 20-30 minutes before your scheduled appointment time.

You may need the extra time to find your way if you are unfamiliar with the area. Also, on your first visit, you will be given a number of papers to fill out and getting through them will take a few minutes.  The paperwork may also be downloaded from our site and completed in advance.

Know what to expect!

Your first visit will be a 50 minute consultation. You will describe your medical problems to the doctor, and answer a long list of questions about your health and habits. If you have any questions, you may certainly use this time to ask them. The doctor will then typically discuss a holistic approach to your problem, detail any tests that she would like to perform, and why. Following this visit, many people will take the next day or two to digest this information at home while inquiring about their insurance coverage for the ordered tests.

Remember:  Some specialty holistic tests, which are very important to your treatment, may not be covered by traditional medical insurance.

Although this is certainly not ideal, it should not prevent you from trying your best to take care of your health in a comprehensive fashion that makes sense to you. Also, please remember that we will only do testing that you approve, and need not necessarily do all testing at once if you prefer otherwise




To schedule your appointment, please
click here or call us at: 201-525-1155.