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If you are experiencing a true medical emergency, please proceed immediately, without hesitation to your nearest emergency facility for acute assistance.

If time permits, call the office at 201-525-1155, and if we are not in and you reach the voicemail system, press “one” and leave a brief message including your name, the best phone number to reach you, and the nature of your emergency.  When you get to the emergency facility, you may give the ER staff our phone number, and we will provide them with any available information related to your condition, to any treatment you have received or to any medication, supplements or dietary change that has been prescribed.

You may also try us on the emergency phone number which you will be given when you call our office and press “one”.  This number is updated from time to time, hence we have chosen not to list it on the website as it may become outdated and non-functional. 


Dialing this number will put you in direct touch with the office, and, barring cell phone issues, it will provide an alternate, direct way to be in touch in the event of a true medical emergency.


To schedule your appointment, please
click here or call us at: 201-525-1155.