Many parents-to-be are all too aware that the already high rate of autism and other developmental delays is on the steady rise, with New Jersey children being among the most severely affected. Beyond this, the number of children with such immunological problems as allergies and asthma is also high and escalating. All of these conditions appear to be linked to toxins and imbalanced body “flora” (micro-organisms that live in the colon.)

Addressing these issues in the young child who is affected is important, but attention is now also being paid to preventing these imbalances prior to birth. By “cleaning up”, or detoxifying, the mother’s internal environment, and cleaning up the infant’s home-to-be before his or her arrival, your baby’s health is immediately provided an extra layer of developmental protection. Taking several simple proactive steps early on can make a world of difference in the life of your child and of your whole family for years to come. 

The Program includes:

Full evaluation of body chemistry
  • Genetic issues related to pregnancy
  • Review of laboratory findings
  • Customized nutritional and detoxification program
  • Most current information on how to prepare your home for a newborn

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