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Your direct path to creating optimal health, living a longer and healthier life. feeling stronger and happier. and eliminating or reducing the use of drugs.


Our makeover program can be divided into 4 Phases, as follows:

I. Diagnosis (Evaluation)
A detailed history(physical health, diet, exercise, health habits, psychological, stress)is taken, and a complete physical examination is performed. Depending on its complexity, the time it takes to perform your history may vary, but typically this will take from 60 to 90 minutes. An EKG (electrocardiogram)may be done as well. If you have had an EKG performed with the past 6 months, bring it with you.

Comprehensive Laboratory Testing of many different aspects of your chemistry will take place, to get a crystal-clear idea of how to address your specific problems in an individualized way. Bring recent tests with you to avoid any repetition of tests and to provide a baseline. If you have read about any unique, cutting–edge specialized tests that you wish to do, they may be completed. *Contact us to get started!!

II. Setting up your Therapeutic Program

Your program may include a diet, a fast, nutrients,

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detoxification, reading, behavioral changes, or other suggestions. This may be instituted in several stages, as it can be overwhelming and counter-productive to make too many changes at once. It is necessary to observe every change instituted to see how it affects your health, and what further adjustments, if any, may need to be made.


III. Monitoring your program and support in staying on track
We will discuss how well the established program is working to accomplish all of your goals, and we may retest to evaluate your progress. As you meet your goals, they may change, and you may seek to achieve more than you initially imagined possible.


IV. Maintenance
Without attention, your original complaints can return in the same or slightly different form. If the original complaints were significant enough to bring you to the doctor’s office, recurrence must be avoided by a solid maintenance plan and a reevaluation of your program every 6 to 12 months

Health is your most important asset. Once you have invested in your health, maintenance is the logical step to provide long-term health protection. *Contact us to get started!!


To schedule your appointment, please
click here or call us at: 201-525-1155.